3 Mechanical Keyboards for Coders

1. Logitech G513 RGB Lighting Mechanical Keyboard

The Logitech G513 keyboard would remain the first choice, particularly because of its fascinating use features and additions, which you may not find in a number other keyboards of the same category.

This product stands out of the crowd, because of its conspicuous features which are in addition to the benefits that any programmer would get from the everyday keyboard.

Hence, if you’re looking for that programming keyboard with additional features that grades it higher than the regular, then the Logitech G513 could be your perfect choice option.

Some of the important features to look out for, are the three different mechanical switches. With these, users can make their choice from between the Romeo-G linear, Romeo-G blue, or the Romeo-G tactile.

You’ll particularly be impressed with the keyboard’s design structure, which is characterized by a waterproof leatherette just at the base of the keyboard length. This leatherette addition provides space for users to rest their palms, while they type

Another feature that is rather exciting, is the keyboard’s RGB lighting of up to 16.8M colors on each key, as well as incorporated light sync technology.

Logitech G513 is quiet when you use it, hence no matter how fast you type, it would make none of those rattling sounds that pisses off the ears.

It comes with a cable that is almost 6 frets in length, while its USB infrastructure can also be plugged in directly to a computer mouse, flash drive etcetera. The keyboard is reasonably durable, and you can still have it working for years.

Based on its design, the Logitech G513 has been designed for high typing functions like programming and gaming. Hence, making it not just fit for your computer programming, but also for your every other computer keyboarding needs.

2. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

This is another best programming keyboard, whose build design is not quite the common type. The Corsair K63 shows so much great performance outputs for computer coding, which is the very reason why it ranks amongst the best on the market at this time.

If you don’t mind using that keyboard that is a little unconventional in structure but remarkable in function, then you should also be looking in the direction of this one.

The Corsair K63 is a wireless keyboard that comes with the main keyboard frame, inserted in a clapboard structure. Hence, you have to type within the lapboard- which a good number of user think is quite ingenious.

The lapboard has a clothed section by the side, where you can operate a mouse as you work. However, depending on what you want, the lapboard has been made in such a way that it can be easily detached away from the main use keyboard.

Now, while you can connect the keyboard to your supporting computer- wirelessly via Bluetooth, you may also carry out a connection using the USB port provisions on the frontal part of the keyboard.

The keyboard has good compatibility and would work with several other externally connected modules. The LED provisions on the keyboard serve as a lighting source for the user’s convenience, while it also serves as an indicator- whenever the keyboard is connected to another Bluetooth device.

Since the device comes with a wireless function framework, it also comes with a battery that can power its connective and work operations. The battery has an impressive use period of up to 15 hours, after a full charge.

The keyboard has a memory structure that saves up a user’s set commands and uses instructions. Each of these settings can always be accessed by the user whenever they intend to use the keyboard.

3. Ducky Shine 7 RGB Backlit USB Mechanical Keyboard

This is another product in which the manufacturer carefully incorporates significant quality traits and high-grade performance tendencies, in order to produce a complete product.

The Ducky Shine 7 keyboard does not have too much of unreasonable sophistication and is just apt in its feature and function complexity levels. The design presentation is appealing enough, while the RGB lighting component of the keyboard, is another feature that you may find useful.

The backlit gives the product a bright appearance when it’s on, which has a way of improving the keyboard’s usability. You’ll love the glow it has, especially when you use the keyboard at night.

Instead of using a more regular structure material for the framework build, the Ducky shine 7 comes in a zinc alloy top case- which is hinted to be up to three tines more durable than an aluminum counterpart.

The keycaps, however, are made of a more durable ABS material, hence increasing your tendency of using the product for a relatively long period of time.

The keyboard comes with Cherry MX switches that facilitate convenient and seamless typing, as you code. The attached cable provision is about 4.9 feet in length, while the entire keyboard has a weight of approximately 3.10 pounds.