what To Know About Samurai Katana Swords?

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Samurai Katana Swords

Ever wonder what makes these Samurai Katana Swords so amazing? These Samurai Swords have a long history and are known for their durability and exquisite beauty. From their humble beginnings as a Japanese symbol of honor and status, these swords came into their own as a deadly weapon during two world wars. Learn some fascinating facts about these awesome weapons from this article.


The Samurai Katana Swords originated from the Edo Period

(around the 16th century). During this time, Japan had been ruled by feudal lords. Samurai used simple wooden-handed katanas, but in the latter stages of Japan, the Japanese military required something stronger and heavier. This led to the development of the blacksmith katana, better known as the samurai katana.


The blade of the samurai katana

is made from either carbon or steel. Carbon steels have a more flexible temper-wise, while steel offers a sturdier blade with a greater amount of toughness. Tanto blades were also developed by the samurai swordsmiths for use in cutlery. A tanto blade is longer than a katana blade and much narrower. These swords are ideal for chopping and/or slicing.


Some historians think that there is a connection

between the Japanese swords and the Japanese gods. Many Japanese samurai swords that are found today have been engraved with the images of the gods. Whether this is true or not is uncertain, however, as there are many other equally unique pictures on the blades of both authentic samurai and non-sai Japanese swords.


When shopping for a samurai sword

you can find them available in a wide variety of styles. Authentic Japanese samurai swords are usuallyide forged from high carbon steel and have a convex edge on one edge and a flat, dulling edge on the other edge. They can be found in several different lengths. Some swords are one-handed, and others have been known to be used in the two-handed form.


Samurai swords are considered to be a symbol of honor

valor, and bravery. For many years these words were used as weapons of choice by samurai warriors. They are still used today as weapons of choice by Japanese martial artists. When shopping for an authentic samurai sword you must purchase a sword that was indeed used in samurai warrior’s time and place of origin, as today there are many reproduction swords available that are not from authentic old Japanese swords.

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