What Is a Utility Consultant?

utility consultant

As a Utility Consultant for Atkins you are going to work with quite a wide base of customers across many different sectors. Your job will be quite varied and will often see you functioning as part of a more collaborative team, focusing on all facets of Utility Consultancy; from knowing onsite constraints, planning and securing construction, planning for future operations, and working with waste management companies to name but a few. However, if you have your heart set on being a Consultant then you should not worry too much as this is a very rewarding sector in itself. There are a large number of advantages to working as a Consultant. One of the biggest being the amount of responsibility that comes with the job. All of the planning and decision making is done by you, so you really have to be very focussed and organized to make it in this industry.


The utility consulting market is a fantastic one indeed and you can find employment just about anywhere in the world. For example there are consultants who work within the utility industry in New Zealand, consultants who work within the building sector in Britain, consultants who work in the technology industry in the USA, technology consultants in India, consultants in Malaysia, construction consultants in Vietnam, and utility industry consultants in Canada. In fact, you could even find employment overseas if you wanted to. Of course, this would depend greatly on your interests and abilities but many people go abroad on specialized holiday packages in order to get away from the daily grind of their everyday job.

The utility industry is a huge one and therefore there are plenty of job opportunities. For example, in the UK there are a huge number of consultants who work on site with HET (High Technology Engineering), particularly in the gas and electricity markets. You could also find yourself employed by BECT (Biological Gas Exchange), an organisation which is responsible for the ventilation and release of safe waste through the ventilation systems of power stations, generating plants and other such facilities. If you have a flair for technology then you may be able to make a living by providing consultancy services to HET and other similar firms.


Alternatively, you could develop a career within the hybrid service providers sector. In the UK, this refers to those consultants who combine the roles of an independent contractor and contract manager. Hybrid service providers tend to focus their attention on one particular area of the market such as plumbing, heating and electricity and so you can expect to work on a project by hiring one of the many small independent contractors that are based in the UK. You will be responsible for sourcing the materials that are required to carry out work and may be asked to liaise with suppliers of the required equipment. You will usually need to complete a certain number of projects before you are eligible for a hybrid consultant contract.

There are many other types of utility consultant in the UK. For example, there are commercial utility consultants, retail utility consultants, commercial or public utility consultants, municipal utility consultants, gas and electric utility consultants and many more. The most popular type of consultant is the commercial utility consultant. Commercial utility consultants in the UK specialise in a wide range of different sectors from energy to water services to railway engineering and construction. If you are interested in becoming a commercial utility consultant then it is likely that you will need some experience in the various sectors mentioned above as well as a degree in civil engineering or business administration.


As well as your qualifications, experience and education, you will also need to be approved for a consultant license by either an HET or EITC (Financial Services Authority). Although this licensing process can seem daunting, it is one of the simplest and risk free ways of entering the utility consulting industry. Be sure to talk to a recruitment agency which specialises in finding utility consultants so that you can find a suitable consultant to fill your needs. A good recruitment agency will be able to provide you with all the relevant information on how to become a consultant.

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