the power of social media to improve marketing strategy?

How to Use Hootsuite and Twitter for Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring is basically the act of finding mentions of a given brand online, in blogs, social media channels, news sites, and forums. This provides a window into brand sentiment, which is particularly important for product and service management. Brand monitoring helps you better understand the opinions that customers are expressing about your brand and helps you respond to those conversations promptly. More importantly, it helps you learn how and why customers use social media channels to connect with your brand.


Social media allows businesses

to create an interactive connection with customers. Unfortunately, customers are notoriously fickle. While a customer once enjoyed staying up to date with marketing strategies through traditional media like newspapers, radio, and TV, those avenues have largely become ancient now that consumers log on to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked In, and the rest to voice their opinions. Additionally, most people use at least one social network platform daily, so a company’s social media presence is quickly becoming a major force in its overall marketing strategy. Yet even with the growth of these platforms, traditional media are not dead! So how can company leverage the power of social media to improve its overall marketing strategy?


With this in mind, brand monitoring software

can be one of the key elements in transforming your marketing strategy. Agorapulse taps into the “agora pulse” database, where it can find mentions of your brand from across the social networks including mentions in blog posts, tweets, mentions in online forums, Facebook fan pages, LinkedIn connections, and more. Once found, Agorapulse conducts a simple keyword analysis to determine what types of social media are most associated with your brand. The software also identifies key phrases and words used by your target audience, as well as keywords used by your competitors to establish themselves in your niche.


What does all this translate into for your marketing efforts?

For example, if you have an account on Twitter, you may notice that your page shows up in search results several times throughout the day. You may think that there’s some inherent value to this, but it’s actually a major turnoff to potential customers. If your brand monitoring software identifies popular keywords associated with your product or service, you can take this as another sort of signal that potential buyers are already thinking about purchasing your product. Now, instead of just ignoring the overtures of these mentions, you can take notes and address them in your future content. It’s a subtle point that can have a real impact on how your social media strategy works in practice.


Another application of this technology

is in the realm of customer support. Certain brands get a lot of negative mentions, while others manage to squeak by with few complaints. In these cases, it’s not that the product or service isn’t good, but rather that the person delivering the complaint either didn’t properly convey their thoughts or didn’t listen during the exchange. With this type of information at your fingertips, you can address the situation accordingly and turn any negative comments around to something positive.


Branding monitoring tools

are really just another tool in the arsenal of online marketing specialists. Like all marketing efforts, they’re designed to make sure that you’re communicating with the right set of people and in the right format. While social media certainly provides a rich source of conversation and feedback for companies of all sizes, brand monitoring software can help you hone in on your specific target audience and ensure that your online marketing campaigns are working. You’ll see a dramatic increase in your traffic, sales, and brand recall.

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