the benefits of both gas and electricity for supplemental heating purposes

Hybrid Heat Pumps Save Money and the Environment

Hybrid heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular today among consumers who want to reduce their heating costs. These devices utilize the benefits of both gas and electricity for supplemental heating purposes. This is unlike typical “pure” heat pumps which operate on only one of these technologies. As a result, hybrid heat pumps not only save money on energy costs but can also offer additional advantages that will help you better maintain your home. These benefits include:


Smart Switch: Many smart hybrid heat pumps

now can do intelligent switching between gas and electricity by using a fully-customized, demand-side thermostat to automatically switch between the two technologies over time. Because this capability is available, property owners no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off the hot water tank when it is not in use or leaving a window open so the furnace can come on when it is not cold enough outside to justify space heating. The new thermostat will switch the temperature automatically to keep the unit operating at a comfortable temperature. In addition, the supply temperature can be set at a precise temperature level so that even if the unit is not used, the system will not operate unnecessarily.


Improved Boiler Life: Today’s hybrid heat pumps boast

more than double the life expectancy of prior models. This improvement is primarily because these units now use a small, high-efficiency ceramic burner that provides a steady supply of hot water rather than an expensive conventional boiler. The constant flow of hot water allows the system to operate more efficiently, which also helps to extend the life of the unit.


Enhanced Energy Efficiency: To maximize the benefits

of their hybrid counterparts, many modern models incorporate the use of a variable-speed blower which is much more efficient than the prior model and reduces energy usage. Another major improvement in today’s systems is the inclusion of a high-efficiency dryer that reduces the amount of electricity needed for dry heating. The result is substantial savings in both utility expense and operational costs.


Flexible Options: Some many different styles

and options that make it easy to find a heating system for your home. From portable units to stand-alone models, the possibilities are endless. Many builders include options such as a built-in microwave, entertainment centers, wood-burning fireplace, climate control, and built-in water heaters. A well-designed hybrid system can provide all of these benefits while also being very energy efficient. With additional research, you may discover additional options that make it even easier to incorporate a modern heating system into your overall heating design.


In conclusion, hybrid heat pumps

are an excellent investment for homes in temperate climates that want to take full advantage of improved energy efficiency and greater comfort. Improved technology has resulted in an overall cost that is well below that of the older versions. These systems are exceptionally energy-efficient and can save money on utilities, making them an attractive option for new construction. Even if you have an existing building that uses a furnace or water heater, it may still be possible to use a stand-alone heat pump. With careful planning and a well-designed installation, a stand-alone system could provide the same comfort and cost efficiency as hybrid models.

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