Save Electricity & Reduce Bills

Ways to Save Electricity & Reduce Bills

With ever-increasing energy demand, there is more demand for reliable and cost-effective ways to conserve energy to save electricity. Today, nearly 90% of electrical energy consumed in the United States is wasted due to faulty electrical wiring, poor installation, overloading, lack of maintenance, overloading, and surge damage. Fortunately, there are several simple, practical steps you can take to improve energy efficiency and reduce your energy consumption while simultaneously improving the air quality in your home. Here are five great tips to help you save electricity and reduce your energy bills.


Installing timers on your light switches and appliances

will help you save energy and lower your bills by automatically adjusting the amount of electricity used. Today’s electronics come equipped with many different time-targeted dimmers that can be easily dimmed for specific periods of the day. The timer function also ensures that your lights are off when you are not using them, which will prevent your utility bill from growing very large very quickly.


Walking around the perimeter of your house

is a simple way to get started on your efforts to save energy. As you walk, you are exposing yourself to the sun. Today’s outdoor lighting comes equipped with energy-saving LED lamps and fixtures. These fixtures give off much less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. As a result, walking barefoot on your lawn exposes you to much less sun, thus helping to lower your overall energy consumption and lowering your energy efficiency rating.


Furnishing your house with weather-resistant materials

is an important part of lowering energy consumption and lowering your energy efficiency rating. Many types of wood and other materials are naturally resistant to fire and other damage, which allow them to last longer and resist damage from the elements. Other materials, such as vinyl and PVC, are not as durable and can be easily damaged. If you want to help your family to lower their energy bills, try installing double-glazed windows on both sides of your doors. These double panes provide much better protection from the elements and lower your energy bills.


Installing efficient windows

is another way to lower energy consumption and increase your chances to save electricity & reduce bills. Windows that have weather stripping are especially beneficial. This strips the cold air from your house and allows warm air to come in, keeping your home cooler. When combined with effective insulation, window treatments can lower your energy bills and improve the indoor temperature of your home.


There are also many tax credits available

for improving your energy efficiency. These are easy to apply for and will reduce your utility bills by improving the energy efficiency of your building. You can check with your local energy efficiency office for assistance in applying for these funds. Some of these credits include the rebates from the federal government, the production tax credit, the state energy performance credit, the building efficiency credit, and the building survey credit.

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