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Avanti Gas is a world leader in providing safe and secure transportation of crude oil through various methods. Their high-quality, low-cost crude oil products have been a major factor behind their increasing market share. The company has also developed an extensive range of other related products including fertilizers, chemicals, and fuel. Avanti Gas supplies both liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons and lubricants.


Avanti Gas Limited,

a British company situated in Derbyshire is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LPG energy products. Avanti Gas supplies energy solutions to many industries including cosmetics, chemical industry, petrochemical, petroleum, and pipeline construction. Avanti Gas Limited was established in the late 1970s with the acquisition of Avanti Chemical Company, one of the major players in the petrochemical industry. Avanti Gas Limited has expanded significantly during its existence and now provides services to a wide variety of businesses. Avanti Gas Limited’s core business is its joint venture with Avanti Gumbo Kft., a leading supplier of lubricants and fluids for the pipeline and marine industry.


As part of their strategic plan,

Avanti Energy, as an organization, has developed an effective distribution network that will help them increase market share and increase their customer base. The expansion strategy includes a wide range of activities such as securing long-term contracts with the leading suppliers of LPG and natural gas to secure a consistent supply of energy products. Avanti Gas Limited also offers a range of social media tools such as Avanti Blog, a blog dedicated to the company; Avanti Facebook, a website where business customers can discuss products and services; Avanti Twitter, which allow the company to communicate directly with customers; Avanti YouTube, a video sharing portal; and Avanti LinkedIn, a networking site for executives. In addition, Avanti Energy Solutions offers a variety of energy solutions, including residential boilers, heat and air conditioning systems, boilers for industrial processes, automotive accessories, marine applications, and various energy management and transportation equipment.


The company’s core business provides

the following energy products and services: bulk gas for domestic and commercial applications; liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for residential and commercial applications; natural gas; and mechanical engineering services, including mechanical drafting, mechanical design, and pre-manufacturing analysis and design. To meet the demands of today’s customers, Avanti Gas Limited is committed to expanding its product portfolio by focusing on the needs of manufacturing and service customers. The company currently manufactures and serves clients in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Mexico.


Dr. Robert Watson

is the director since 2021. Before that, he served as the president and chief executive officer of Avanti Energy Solutions, Inc., a full-service energy consultancy located in Houston, Texas. Dr. Watson has over 25 years of experience in the natural gas, oil, and biotechnology sectors. He has held numerous senior positions in the energy industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering.


The company offers

many options for the storage of natural gas and heating oil. They offer a complete solution for home and business customers. For example, the “Avanti Dryer Collection System” is designed to complement an existing air conditioning system. The system includes a convection oven, a heat reservoir, and a vapor recovery vent. Avanti Gas offers energy solutions that include smart customer service and the highest quality products available.

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