Maternity Bra – A Way To Support Breasts During Pregnancy

A maternity bra is a special brassiere which provides extra support to pregnant women and allows comfortable breastfeeding of the baby without the need to remove it. This is achieved by specially designed brassieres that contain flaps that can easily be opened with just one hand. A brassiere is most ideal for the period leading up to, and following the birth of the baby. However, some women prefer a brassiere even after delivery as it gives the feel of having an extra layer of fabric around the chest. Maternity brassieres are available in all styles and colors to suit any taste.


Maternity bras are particularly important as they help to promote the smooth growth of the breasts. During pregnancy the hormonal changes cause the breasts to enlarge both in size and shape. This creates a great deal of tension on the breast area causing pain and discomfort. A maternity bra helps to relieve this pressure by creating a smooth surface over the breast and by ensuring the comfort of the wearer.

Maternity brassieres are usually made from cotton or satin, as they allow easy movement of the cups during pregnancy and prevent sagging. As the breasts start growing they often become saggy, however with a maternity bra, this problem is not experienced. The cup shape is also specially designed to prevent sagging and gives the breasts a better shaped image. Women who have large breasts should consider purchasing one size bigger so that they are able to wear the brassieres comfortably for a longer period of time. As the breasts get larger, regular bras can get uncomfortable and one may have to stop wearing them altogether.


When a woman is expecting her first child, she may experience a natural increase in the size of her breasts, making it very difficult for her to get back into the habit of wearing regular bras. Maternity brassieres encourage the growth of the breasts naturally and ensure the optimum level of support and comfort. They also provide an extra boost of confidence when a woman has started to grow larger and is no longer self-conscious about the way her breasts look.

During pregnancy, the breasts tend to expand dramatically. In order to avoid their breasts growing unevenly or sticking out, a maternity bra helps to prevent the breasts from bulging or ‘spilling out’ during normal everyday activities. During this time, every woman would want to look her best. By wearing a special bra, such as a demi cup size, which enables the women to breathe freely and move around freely, a woman’s breast size can naturally improve, even after childbirth.


Breastfeeding women can wear any type of brassiere they feel comfortable in. Trimester wise, a maternity bra can either be made from demi cup sizes or cups with underwire. Those who breastfeed can choose to wear a compression bra for the third trimester or those who do not breastfeed can choose to wear a regular nursing bra until they give birth. It is important to note that those who do not breastfeed can still wear a special seamless sleeveless top and a stretchy elastic bottom.

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