how to feel good about yourself?

How to Look Pretty and Make Yourself Feel Pretty

Feeling good about yourself has been a problem for some women. We all know how shallow it is to judge others based on their appearance. Feel like a six-year-old again and think you still look your best. So, how do you look pretty again and in addition feel pretty?


More ways to improve your beauty and feel like a new

gorgeous woman every day. More ways to attract the man or men of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for love, a new career, or just more confidence, learn how to look pretty and finally feel like you could conquer the world.


One way to start feeling pretty again

is by finding your own beauty secrets. Women hold many false beliefs about what makes them look and feel beautiful. Some of these beliefs include: having too much hair, dark skin, or big eyes. The belief that a round face makes a girl look younger than she actually is is also a popular myth. If you want to feel pretty and confident, you’ve got to get rid of these outdated beliefs.


While having big eyes may not help you

find a soul mate, it does help you feel pretty. Wearing mascara can make you seem pretty and sophisticated. But, beware, too much mascara can be drying and irritating. If you use only the correct amount and don’t use any other makeup, your lashes will stay healthy and your eyes will be clear.


If you’re trying to learn how to make you look prettier

and more like the star you see on television or in magazines, try less is more when it comes to your makeup. Choose simple colors such as neutral shades that are complementary to your skin tone. Stay away from bold colors such as pinks, reds, and blues which can distract and draw attention to areas you don’t want to be highlighted. Maintain natural-looking hair, especially if you’re a man, by using products that stimulate the scalp and enhance the natural shine of your hair.


While men usually don’t like to admit it

their nails do take some abuse. Nails that have been cut too short chipped, or have become unevenly worn are all places where men’s nails are suffering. To save yourself the embarrassment of unsightly nail damage, learn how to take good care of your nails by using oil-based nail polish. Not only will your nails remain beautifully long and healthy, but they will appear pretty, shiny, and dewy instead of gritty, dry, and flaky.

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