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Business Offline

In her new book, “The Age of Marketing: Creating and Sustaining Customer Loyalty,” seasoned marketing executive Sheryl Sandler tackles the challenges of running a small business. In this book, Sandler shows readers how to use traditional forms of marketing to effectively market a business and create customer loyalty. Following are five top tips that will help you market your business and build customer loyalty. Use these suggestions to help create greater visibility for your business.


Host a branded event to bring your business,

brand, or product to life in the physical world. Whether it’s a grand opening, a pop-up store, or a grand launch celebration, branding your occasion through a living, breathing occasion is a powerful way to spoon-feed your message and identity directly to your intended end user. The next time you host a gala dinner for your friends as a birthday party, consider turning it into a business-focused affair with a grand reception. Include promotional gifts for all of your guests and give out promotional swag. The day can be an extension of your branding efforts and will allow your small business to make money online after the event.


Promote your business offline through effective ways to get the name of your business out there.

Although many people enjoy social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, not everyone is savvy about how these tools work. To get your company name, logo, and messaging onto the radar of prospective clients, host an event with giveaways and prizes for those who attend. This can help you gain more followers and brand recognition online.


Promote your branding efforts through traditional marketing strategies.

Effective marketing strategies, such as print ads, brochures, and flyers can help you make your business offline a success. There are also many online marketing opportunities available that utilize social networking, search engine optimization, and e-marketing tactics. Make sure that you use these methods to reach potential clients and create a long-term impact with your business offline.



there is the contact information you can include in any marketing campaign so that anyone interested in your services can contact you. Having a booth at a local event, having a booth at a networking event, leaving business cards, and having flyers printed are all effective ways of spreading your message. These tools are often overlooked, but they can be a powerful way of branding your company and getting the name of your business out in public. No matter where you decide to distribute your materials, make sure that you include your contact information so that interested parties can contact you.


There are many ways to help people find you online

and there is no better way than providing them with contact information that they can easily find and use to contact you in person. No matter what your business does or where it is located, make sure that you have a professional-looking website and include your contact information on any items you distribute. People love to receive items that will allow them to get in touch with the people behind the items and this includes your telephone number, physical address, and e-mail address.

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