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FightStick for Street Fighter V Appears

fighter stickIn March 2015, the manufacturer of leading game accessories, Mad Catz, has announced that they will be working on official FightStick for the game Street Fighter V. Now, game accessories scuffle that began to show his form.

FightStick itself was created for those who want the experience of playing a fighting game using the controller more than usual. With FightStick, gamers will experience the thrill of playing a game similar to the arcade machines.

Has a shape that is not much different from Mad Catz FightStick previous output, this controller comes with the system and unique features. Quoted from Gamespot, Tuesday (10/27/2015), part of the joystick and buttons of FightStick designed using Sanwa technology, leading electronics manufacturers in Japan.

Sanswa technology commonly used in almost all cabinet Arcade game machine in Japan. Interestingly, gamers can easily open the inside of the FightStick. Besides aiming for modifications, could be to store some equipment such as cables.

The modification in question is by turning off some of the buttons, which might not want to push, such as the PlayStation buttons, start / select, and options / share. Mad Catz claims, the controller can be used to play all major fighting games, including Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X and Ultra Street Fighter IV.


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