Divorce Lawyer: Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Your Divorce

If you are going to be divorced, then the chances are you’ll need the services of a divorce lawyer. This type of legal professional can help you with anything that falls under the realm of divorce, including prenuptial agreements, property divisions, and even the dissolution of your marriage. You might think that the court will just toss everything out on its head, but with this in mind, here are some tips to help you through the divorce proceedings.


working with an attorney

The first thing that you need to do if you are going to be working with an attorney is to tell the judge about all of the assets and debts that you and your spouse have. You want everything that you and your spouse have put up on paper to be clearly defined so that the judge will know exactly what you want. In some cases, the divorcing spouses will negotiate these terms into the papers themselves. In other cases, however, the divorcing spouses will work out the terms independently. Either way, if you have this information at hand before the hearing, then it will be easier to deal with if there is any kind of dispute later down the road.


types of compensation or alimony payments

Another important thing to prepare for your divorce case is your financial situation. Now that the papers have been filed in court, you need to set up a meeting with your new spouse. When you do this, you should have your lawyer with you because this meeting is supposed to be used to iron out any financial issues between the two of you. For example, if one spouse has more money than the other, then this information should be made available to the judge so they can properly calculate who has more to gain from the divorce. By getting this information before the court, you can use this to your advantage when it comes to asking for certain types of compensation or alimony payments.


the matter of custody and visitation rights that both you and your spouse

Finally, there is the matter of custody and visitation rights that both you and your spouse will have during the divorce. This is something that only your divorce attorney will be able to discuss with your family law attorney. If you do not have an experienced family law attorney with you, you may make some mistakes regarding your child custody arrangements. Therefore, you must spend the necessary time learning all about the laws about family law in your state, as well as obtaining the advice of qualified individuals such as your former spouse’s former friends and teachers.


a parenting plan

In addition to the above-mentioned items, you will also have to come up with a parenting plan. Typically, this parenting plan will cover a wide range of issues, including where children will live during the duration of the divorce, who will get the marital property, and what type of visitation will be granted between the spouses. Typically, it is at this point in the divorce case that the judge will ask both spouses for their individual contributions towards the parenting plan. If one spouse makes more of a contribution than the other, then that spouse is allowed to build in an extra amount to the parenting plan.


There are also a few things that divorced spouses may want to consider before getting a divorce lawyer. For example, the divorcing spouse may want to consider if they can change the terms of their prenuptial agreement before the divorce case. This can include redoing the finance section of the agreement or amending the provisions on support (i.e. providing money for childcare or education).

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