Different Types of Corporate Gifts

What do corporate clients expect to receive in return for their expenditures?

In order to succeed in corporate gifting, it’s important to understand the purpose behind corporate gifting in the first place. What are the objectives behind the giving of corporate gifts? What do employees or corporate clients want to gain from corporate gift giving? Understanding the purposes behind corporate gifting can help you determine what types of corporate gifts to give out and why. In many instances, companies tend to give out corporate gifts to demonstrate a good deal of appreciation for hard-working employees and clients. They may also be given as thank you gifts for outstanding performance during a specific time frame, or as thank you tokens for having attended a seminar or training session. Corporate gifting can serve to demonstrate the appreciation and admiration employees feel for their employers. It can also provide the means by which good client relationships are maintained.

If you are looking to establish a corporate gift tradition at your organization, it is helpful to understand what types of gifts can be grouped under that rubric. While there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to gifting, there are several types of corporate gifts that seem to stand out from the crowd.

Below is a list of a few of the more popular and common types of corporate gift giving:

Printed Gifts – Whether given on a brochure or in the form of an actual gift, many companies choose to offer corporate gifts in the form of printed materials. This can include anything from business cards to custom notebooks or planners. Many companies feel that handing out these types of printed items, even in the form of mugs, is more effective than hand-written notes because the printed item always has contact information on it. Some companies go so far as to place advertisements on the items they distribute, ensuring that they reach as many potential clients as possible. This form of advertising has become quite sophisticated over the past few years, and many companies still find the style very appealing.

Handwritten Notes – Perhaps the most common type of corporate gift, handwritten notes are also quite effective in reaching many potential clients. These notes can be hand-written or signed. For some companies, they prefer to provide an employee with a blank note so that he or she can express themselves creatively. For others, this may not be a big deal and will be forgotten within minutes. Either way, personalized notes are an effective way of making sure that clients remember their contact information.

business gifts will leave a lasting impression on clients

As you can see, corporate gift-giving is not all about throwing a hard pass against business competition. Rather, corporate gifts allow business managers and leaders to show appreciation to their clients without taking them for granted. Businesses can be confident that these types of business gifts will leave a lasting impression on clients. They are among the most popular forms of business gifts given out today.

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