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Dell Releases New Solution Scalable Datacenter & Save Claimed

damri-bandara-tanah-abangIn the Dell World event last week, Dell announced a number of new solutions and services. Dell solutions are designed to help consumers meet the target of large-scale datacenter important business with faster and more consistent, while the claimed costs and less downtime.

“Seeing the technological evolution is very fast today, Dell concentrating its efforts on designing various solutions datacenter delivers best performance on the market, as well as agile and flexible to meet the workload and various new demands, changes in IT architecture and business growth,” said Marius Haas, Chief Commercial Officer of Dell in a statement.

DSS Server Dell First

Dell Datacenter Scalable Solution (DSS), which was announced in August 2015 and is a new business line in the organization Dell Enterprise Solutions are designed to meet the needs of the IT infrastructure of the organization users web-based technology, telecommunications service providers, enterprise hosting services, companies engaged in oil and gas, and research company.

Dell DSS 7000 is a storage server with the density of the biggest claims to meet the needs of future exascale storage. Hyperscale utilize it, this new storage server built on the DCS XA90 features and is capable of storing up to 720 terabytes of data in a single 4U chassis. DSS 7000 can accommodate up to 90 3.5-inch drive hot-serviceable and two 2-socket server nodes with low-cost dollars per gigabyte for data storage object and a block for operator cloud.

Dell DSS 1500, DSS DSS 1510 and 2500 is 1U and 2U servers that yangdiciptakan new consumer group is getting the technology it needs. All these new DSS server, with a minimalist design, flexible data storage capabilities and options IO, baseboard management controller (BMC) in accordance with industry standards and the latest Intel Xeon processors, is claimed to help consumers maximize efficiency.

Storage Array Dell’s Most Advanced and All Flash per Gigabyte

Combination Storage Dell storage array controller SC9000 latest flagship, 12GB SAS expansion enclosure and software to give consumers an array of the latest generation of Dell storage SC series of high performance for enterprise. Storage SC9000, made based server platforms to Dell PowerEdge 13th generation, the ability of the IOP is 40% larger and doubling throughput than ever before.

Software arrays latest Dell Storage Center 6.7 brings increased enterprise features, improve the overall ability to support private cloud SC Series and various other important applications. Some new features include Live Volume auto-failover for built-in disaster recovery without downtime workload and data protection is integrated in the host side for the IT-based Oracle, Microsoft and VMware.

New Generation Backup and Recovery

Software Dell Data Protection | Rapid Recovery latest generation, designed in the era of cloud and cloud with the ability to perform recovery, integrate features and Dell AppAssure leading IP. Rapid Recovery bring technology “Rapid Snap for Applications” which can read the entire application and its own condition.

In addition, there are features bare metal restore (BMR) is of a cloud-based archive. This solution also presents Rapid Recovery Repository (R3) with encryption and client-side deduplication technology with Rapid Data Access (RDA). R3 can perform direct backup-to-targets and reduce the workload of deduplication.

Dell also enhances endpoint protection capability with Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Recovery first, the new software solution with IP reliable to perform backup and recovery endpoint. The launch of this new software in the offering cheaper prices for vRanger, so organizations have access to a virtual environment that can be improved to a scalable VM backup solution.

Dell device XC Series Latest

Dell also announced a new line of web-scale converged devices Dell Series XC integrating computing resources, storage and hypervisor in a bid to slash total cost of ownership and streamline datacenter. The new device is helping Dell supports the growing consumer needs to be a solution hiperkonvergensi.

Latest hiperkonvergensi announced solutions including Dell XC6320, the XC Series with the highest density, with four computing nodes that can store more than 44 terabytes of data 2U chassis. The size of the chassis reduces the need shelf space hardware, electrical and air-conditioning in the datacenter to run workloads for customers who engaged in services, ROBO and large datacenter customers. Dell XC630-10F and XC6320-6F Node latest All-Flash is an all-flash devices XC Series with a data tiering between various types of flash drives based on actual data usage conditions.

ProDeploy Enterprise Suite

Dell ProDeploy Enterprise Suite provides three services and the implementation of training and complete certification towards future-ready data center. Implementation carried out by experienced experts means that consumers can implement the technology 39% faster.

For channel partners, Dell offers flexibility. The new training and certification program allowing Dell’s customers and partners gain knowledge about storage and networking equivalent to the Dell-certified technicians. PartnerDirect Partners can also get competence selected implementation services to access the curriculum methodology and Dell as well qualified to perform implementation services ProDeploy with Dell.

Dell Application Modernization Portfolio

Dell Application Modernization Portfolio is a set of integrated software solutions for modernization and simplification of the application. Application Modernization Portfolio is helping customers improve business by simplifying application.

Brings together all the solutions within a standard framework allows Dell Services address the complex challenges of the ancient systems in the consumer IT architecture with a hybrid approach as needed.

Dell Data Center Solutions Scalable DSS 7000, 1510, 1500 and 2500 are already available. Dell Storage SC9000, Dell Storage Dell Storage Center 6.7 and SC400 and SC420 enclosure too. Other solutions already available as well or not for a while longer.

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