Buying Bulk Discount Pens For Your Business

Did you know that pens are more than just writing tools?

They have become an important aspect of promoting businesses. According to a recent study, branded corporate writing tools like custom pens produce about 2,809 impressions per item sold. This means that more than half of all promotional items sold are made with pens. Because promotional pens are available in such a wide assortment of styles and price points, they are affordable for as low as just 29 cents per unit.

Personalized pens are among the most popular promotional products available, because they are so versatile. For example, there are many pen styles that would work for business people and corporate executives alike. Executive pens, which include ballpoint pens and gel pens, are sometimes called “dotted pens” because they have small circles or lines etched into the body of the pen. These accents make the pen very unique and provide an executive with a way to customize his writing instrument. high-quality fountain pens or rollerball pens are another option that can be used by business owners to promote their companies.

pens that are useful everyday items

Novelty pens, which are brightly colored and feature an ornamental design, are another cost effective way to promote a business. Novelty pens may also be used to make statements or to draw attention to a specific message. Depending on the novelty pen chosen, the price per piece can range from as low as five cents to several dollars. These pens can even be given away at trade shows, seminars, and fairs and are a great promotional product because the recipient does not have to purchase it in order to enjoy its use.

Customized pens are not only for promotional items. There are many pens that are useful everyday items. Many pens feature a rubber stylus that makes it easy to write on and allows the user to feel like his or her is writing on a real pen. Other novelty pens may have a small clip attached to the base of the pen that can be pulled out and used to write notes. Pens can be personalized with any logo or text that is desired.

Low cost pens can be found in a variety of different styles and colors

Business owners should always consider their overall branding strategy when thinking about which promotional writing instrument to purchase. If a business owner wants to purchase pens for employees, then they should think about purchasing ballpoint pens that feature a high-gloss smooth look and a long smooth life. When considering promotional pens for other employees or clients, then they should think about purchasing a rollerball pen that features an attractive color and is comfortable to write with. Many people carry a daily pen with them at all times in order to write something down – either a phone number a name, or a reminder about an appointment. Business owners should think carefully about the purpose of each promotional product before purchasing them.

Some people prefer to purchase these types of pens as a gift for special occasions such as holidays or birthdays. Most people enjoy writing on low cost pens, especially for the simple reason that it is inexpensive and easy to write on. Another great thing about these types of pens is that they are very useful – people write on them every time they walk by a counter, when sitting at a computer, or any other time that they need a quick note. Therefore, low cost pens are a great idea for advertising because they can generate a lot of traffic at a very low cost. Promotional items such as pens are a very popular method of advertising for many businesses and are a wonderful way to promote your company name every time that you write on one.

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