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Our team of experts have worked for several repair companies and are now sharing their secrets in a blog!

These posts are created so you can attempt repairs yourself instead of being charged extortionate amounts by repair companies.

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How Telehealth Care Transforms the Healthcare Environment

Telehealth is the application of healthcare information and health-related services through telecommunication technology and electronic data. It enables the patient and medical clinician direct contact, support, information, education, reminders, therapy, tracking, on-site evaluation, treatment, observation, and remote appointments. In a sense, telemedicine is a cross between medical home visits and physician offices. There are various … How Telehealth Care Transforms the Healthcare Environment Read More »

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Popular Types And Uses For Tumblers

Tumblers are an extremely versatile item. A tumbler is simply a flat-bottomed glass or plastic container usually crafted from either glass or stainless steel with a raised lip on all the sides. A classic tumbler looks like a stainless steel or glass beer mug, and some can even be imprinted with company logos or company … Popular Types And Uses For Tumblers Read More »

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